I Petali

Today’s home has its own personality, a modern soul, and a new kind of charm to welcome elegant moments and day-to-day living. The bedroom set from I Petali collection plays on shapes, decorations, and fretwork, all perfectly balanced, a future look that arrives from furnishing traditions.

I Petali collection perfectly combines artisan crafting traditions with the modern style of its lines and contours. The harmony between proportions and the beauty of the finishes and lacquers give these furnishings lively personality and sophisticated charm.

We find the past and the present in the wonderful design of “Archimede I Petali”. This furnishing set perfectly blends our dynamic present with the tradition of the past, as well as true passion with experience. This new style expresses a new vision of your abode, looking out towards something to be experienced day in and day out. These are components designed to meet any situation and need, with perfect elegance that is characterized by the exclusive flower pattern door.

Thursday 10 May 2018
Sunday 05 June 2016